Edvin Jacobsson

Game Programmer


Motor Maniacs!

Race your friends in this local multiplayer kart-racer for up to 4 players.


High Doom
Fall of the West

A first-person shooter where you navigate through caverns to stop monsters from another dimension.


Hat N Slash

A hack n slash game in 3D where you travel the world to collect hats to stack on your mighty head.


Decaying Orbit

Decaying Orbit is a 3D space shooter where you play as a scavenger looking for crystals to power your ship. But you are not the only one in orbit!


Weird Warfare

A turn-based strategy game where you command troops to bring peace to the lands of Jaruda.


Das Roboterfabrik

In this top-down shooter you are fighting your way out of a factory as a malfunctioning murder-robot.



Help Valerie to retrieve the ruined cake. Point and click your way through the mansion to save the royal feast.



Strange things have been going on in the town of Dunkelheit. It's up to you to solve the riddles and untangle the mysteries in this point and click adventure.

  • C++, Debugging, Object Oriented Programming and Design, Working agile and cross disciplinary, Direct3D/DirectX11
  • HLSL, Wwise, AI, Design Patterns, Optimization, XML, Linear Algebra, PhysX
  • C#, Lua, Network Programming, Git, SVN
  • Maya, Photoshop, FMOD, Nsight


I'm a game programmer student at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden.
At the moment I'm looking forward to my internship at Frictional Games.

Currently my friend Carl and I are creating a cross plattform (Win, Linux, macOS) engine, you can follow the progress here.

Feel free to check out my résumé, linkedIn page, or send me an email.